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Diagnostic Medical Imaging


The highly specialized department will have surgical teams focused on surgical oncology, neurosurgery, ophthalmologic surgery and orthopedics oncology as well as consultants in plastic surgery, laporoscopy, urology, endoscopy, facial, ear, nose and throat who are called in for complicated cases requiring several different surgeon specialists to either remove tumours or assist in reconstruction.  Around 60% of children with cancer are diagnosed with solid tumours requiring surgical interventions from minor procedures such as biopsy to major procedures such as limb re-attachment, complex eye surgery, and brain surgery. The goal of surgical oncology is to remove the greatest amount of tumour as possible with the least amount of loss in function and disfigurement.


Because of the multi-disciplinary approach of treating children with cancer according to standards of care, the treatment strategy is often to reduce the tumour bulk, allowing chemotherapy and/ or radiation to decrease the tumour as much as possible and then to do a second surgery to assess the treatment effect. This multi modal approach is responsible for achieving the amazing pediatric cancer survivals of 75-80%.


The TAP Department of Surgery will strive to provide expert and compassionate state of the art care to children with cancer and are leading the way in advancing surgical oncology in Iran and the region.


Operating Theater Department Design

The operating theatres and recovery room will be state of the art and have all the essential equipment and instrumentation to perform complicated cancer surgery such as microsurgery, laser surgery,neurosurgery, laparoscopy. The rooms will be spacious and have the necessary air handling to keep the department infection free.  There will be two large rooms capable of handling the complex and lengthier surgeries such as limb reattachment and brain surgeries which require a large team and sophisticated equipment. In addition, there will be 2 smaller rooms fully equipped to handle major surgeries and 1 room for endoscopy procedures and one for minor procedures such as biopsies and tooth extractions. The nurses will be well trained in the principles of aseptic technique, anatomy and physiology and surgical nursing to assist the surgeons in their work.