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Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Radiation Oncology

The TAP Radiation Oncology Department will be involved in the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of cancer patients. The ROD will be equipped to carry out some special techniques such as total body irradiation, total skin electron beam therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT).



Our vision will be accomplished through the acquired modern radiotherapy equipment, up to date knowledge and practicing modern radiation therapy and applying the quality control to all steps of our activities.



The Radiation Oncology Mission is to use radiotherapy in management of our patients with the highest possible standard of accuracy and safety to the patient, staff and general population at the same time fully support and comfort our patients.

A physics department will be created that will be responsible for all the radiation physics aspects and radiation protection in ROD and the whole hospital.



Radiotherapy planning: The department will be responsible for all radiotherapy planning. There will be 3 planning systems in action : one for the conformal 3 D ( Xio, CMS), one for IMRT (KonRad) and the third for streotactaxy (X-knife)


Quality Assurance (QA):The department will carry out QA of all the equipment in the ROD according to the department protocol.


Radiation protection: The department will be responsible for the radiation protection of the ROD, radiodiagnosis department and nuclear medicine unit. It will carry out all radiation protection procedures regarding the buildings, equipments, staff and patients. The department will be provided with equipment necessary for these tasks, including up-to date Thermoluminacent Dosimeter (TLD) with all its accessories serving personal , in vivo and patients dose monitoring.



Dosimetry systems will be listed according to the radiotherapy equipments:

Dosimetry systems for external beam equipment:.

- Ionization chambers: Cylindrical chambers PTW and NE.
- Plane parallel chamber ( MARKUS).
- Multipurpose electrometers (FARMER, UNIDOS and MULTIDOS).
- Secondary Standard (IONIX DOSEMASTER 2590/A NE).
- 3D water phantom (Multidata system) with movable ion chamber holder.
- Anthropomorphic phantom – 10-year old phantom.
- Solid water stacks phantom or Polystyrene (an assembly of tissue equivalent plates of different thickness).
- Laser densitometer FIPS plus and film scanner.
- Air scanner & Linear array L 48.
- Set of Semiconductor detectors (diodes).
- Constancy checks and QC6 plus.
- Styrofoam thermo machine AUTIMO 3D.


Treatment Planning Systems(TPS):

- XIO 3D.with the capability of Multi-modality (CT, MRI, PET/CT, SPECT) image fusion. System is fully compliant with DICOM 3.0, DICOM RT and HL7 connectivity protocols for communication with other hospital systems (such as CT, PET/CT and MRI) through LAN/PACS networks.
- IMRT planning system (KonRad) with 2D array detector for IMRT quality assurance.
- X-knife for (Radionx) Stereotactic Radiosurgery.


Radiation protection:

- Personal TLD and film badges.
- Pocket dosimeters and beepers.
- Survey meters and area monitors.