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Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Care is a process of drug therapy management which is patient centered ,drug focused and outcome oriented; in which the pharmacist make a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to identify patient drug related needs, identify, prevent, manage and treat patient drug related problems.


The goal of pharmaceutical care is to optimize patient medication experience and optimize medication therapy outcomes.


The TAP Department of Pharmaceutical Services will provide state-of-art comprehensive pharmaceutical care that is patient centered; focusing on evidence based innovative techniques and scientific research, to reduce morbidity and mortality of children with cancer. The staff members will accept their role as a leader in the profession of pharmacy by consistently demonstrating positive patient outcomes.


Our Vision is to improve the survival rate and quality of life of the children with cancer.


Our Mission to serve is fulfilled through commitment to Ten Standards of Practice:

• The staff members will serve the patients by providing proficient and compassionate pharmaceutical care.

• The staff members will serve each other by adhering faithfully to the department’s code of conduct.

• The staff members will serve other health care professionals by treating them as customers and ensuring that their needs are met within the context of good pharmacy practice.

• The management team will serve the department by establishing an environment conducive to pursuing the vision.

• The management team will serve its employees by establishing and maintaining an environment that fosters professional growth, a cooperative spirit at all levels, and respect for the individual and his/her uniqueness in all aspects of humanness.

• The staff members will serve the hospital by fulfilling the vision, mission, and values of the institution, by serving the patients and other health care professionals, and by conducting its business in a fiscally responsible fashion.

• The staff members will serve the hospital by becoming a regionally and nationally recognized leader in hospital pharmacy by establishing itself as a source of pride for the hospital.

• The staff members will serve the schools of pharmacy and their faculty by providing an environment conducive to teaching, to practicing, and to conducting research.

• The staff members will serve pharmacy students and residents by providing an environment conducive to learning all aspects of pharmacy practice: the ethical and legal, the technical, the cognitive, the interpersonal, and the compassionate.

The staff members will serve the profession of pharmacy by developing programs and processes that continuously advance practice and improve patient care.


Services Provided:

The IV Admixture Service will utilize highly skilled staff, a high tech clean room and laminar airflow cabinets to prepare an average of 30,000 sterile, accurate, revised, medication doses every month. By fractionating intravenous medications, batch compounding and recycling returned medications, the medication compounding department will save about 30% of all drugs dispensed by the hospital.


The Pharmacokinetic Lab will carriy out therapeutic drug monitoring on an average of 900 samples every month using EMIT, FPIA and HPLC techniques, for inpatients, outpatients and, even, out of hospital patients.

Monitored drugs will include Methotrexate, Vancomycin, Aminoglycosides, Digoxin, Phenytoin, Valproic acid, Cyclosporine and Mycophenolic acid.

All lab results will be accompanied by a clinical recommendation based on evidence based, updated information. Quality control analysis is carried out by the lab on both compounded and extemporaneous preparations of drugs to ensure the highest level of drug safety and efficacy.

We will also strive to provide scientific aid to researchers both from inside or outside the hospital.



The Drug Information Center will be the main drug resource for all medical staff, answering medication inquiries ranging from drug protocols and dosing to drug interactions and adverse effects.

The drug information center will also provide routine publications and alerts concerning any new drug developments.

With a dedicated pharmacist, a rich pharmaceutical library and the power of the internet, no question will be left unanswered. For every 5 inpatients in the hospital, there will be a dedicated pharmacist responsible for every aspect of their drug therapy.

The pharmacist will round daily with the physician, actively participating in the therapeutic decisions, calculate drug dosages, monitor therapy response, watch for drug adverse effects and  ensure that all drugs are administered under optimal conditions.

Every drug written by the physician will be checked by the pharmacist for dosage, interactions and suitability before being prepared and administered to the patient.

The round pharmacist is an integral part of the patient’s medical team.

The Dispensing Pharmacy will be responsible for dispensing medications for both the inpatient and outpatient departments. Unlike other dispensing pharmacies, the pharmacist will review each patient’s file, revise the medications written by the physician, check medication history, calculate doses, analyze drug interactions and provide optimal administration instructions to the patient.

In addition, the dispensing pharmacy will compound oral medications and prepares extemporaneous preparations whenever needed.


The Dispensing Pharmacy will be designed to dispense an average of 30,000 medication doses every month.


We will be one of the few hospitals region wide that provides Total Parenteral Nutrition services for its patients.


We not only will provide accurate and sterile preparations of Total Parenteral Nutrition, using high tech mixing equipment and laminar airflow cabinets, but our services extend to nutritional assessment of the patient, TPN calculations and therapy response monitoring and modification.

We will also strive to provide paid Total Parenteral Nutrition services for other hospitals and out of hospital patients.