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Diagnostic Medical Imaging



Provide state of the art diagnostic pathology services while achieving excellence in pathology research and education.



Members of the Department of Pathology will strive to provide a quality work environment that fosters unity, respect for diversity, teamwork and professional growth. We are committed to serve our:

Patients; by providing efficient, comprehensive and high quality diagnostic services for optimal patient outcome. We are committed to strategies that result in continuous improvement of the quality of our services.

Healthcare professionals; we integrate continuing medical education programs into the departmental activities.

Scientific research community; by sharing expertise, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and through basic science, clinical and translational research.

Society; by actively applying the art and science of pathology in educating the community in matters of health and disease.


Pathology Program Scope of Service

Routine Hematoxylin & Eosin stain for tissue biopsy and specimens and Papanicolaou stain for smears and FNA.

Immunohistochemical stains: done by the automated stainer BenchMark xt VENTANA System.

Special stains.


The following clinics will be held weekly:

1. Combined clinic of  Wilms’, Neuroblastoma, RMS, hepatoblastoma

2. Combined clinic of Retinoblastoma.

3. Combined clinic of Bone tumors.

4. Combined clinic of Lymphoma.

5. Combined clinic of Neuro-oncology.

Attending Morbidity and Mortality meeting.


 Every Consultant will cover two or more sub speciality areas, attend study team meetings and participate in setting the following management protocols:  


1. CNS protocols; -Low grade glioma protocol.

-Ependymoma protocol.

-Medulloblastoma protocols.(standard  Risk, high risk, infantile)

- High grade glioma protocol.

2. Osteosarcoma protocol.

3. Ewing’s sarcoma protocol.

4. B-cell NHL protocol.

5. Wilms’ tumor protocol.

6. Neuroblastoma protocol.

7. Retinoblastoma protocol.

8. Hodgkin’s lymphoma protocol.

9. Rhabdomyosarcoma protocol.

10. Germ Cell tumor protocol.