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Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Nursing Department

We will have nurses working in all specialties from general pediatric oncology, operating room, intensive care, outpatients, day treatment, infection control, quality assurance, information technology, research, nursing education to nurse leaders. TAP will employ a dynamic group who are passionately committed to their patients and families and to the objectives of TAP. 



To enrich the lives of children with cancer and their families by alleviating suffering through compassionate, comprehensive and scientifically advanced care that addresses their physical, emotional, and intellectual growth needs.



As an integral partner in the healthcare team, through dedicated service, nursing at TAP will strive to improve the healthcare of children with cancer through leadership, evidence-based clinical practice, education and research that challenges nurses to achieve new heights in professional achievement.


The TAP Nursing Department goals:

To work collaboratively to provide the highest level of patient centered care through evidence-based practice.

To establish standards of excellence  by developing and implementing best practices for the care of children and their families that encompasses nursing diagnosis, interventions and evaluation.

 To provide compassionate, holistic family-centered care.

To ensure continuous quality improvement leading to improved patient outcomes

To serve as a patient advocate.

To advance professional nursing practice through continuous professional development and research.

To share our knowledge and expertise through fostering partnerships within the community.

To ensure safety of our patients.

To use information and communication technology as an integral component of patient care.