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Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine department will provide diagnostic information to enhance the radiology process in a different way and is used in the treatment of certain cancers such as neuroblastoma and thyroid.
The TAP hospital will have one of the first 40 slice PET/ CT systems (Siemens, bio-graph true point). This machine is the best technology in tumor diagnosis, follow up and assessment of treatment response. We will employ two dual headed gamma cameras with HD 4 fully digital detector and loaded with software package- along with a fully, computerized hot lab for control and documentation and thyroid uptake device.



Our vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognized department specialized in the applications, diagnostics and therapeutics of Nuclear Medicine for pediatric oncology.




The mission of Nuclear medicine Department is to provide high quality functional Imaging & therapeutic services by:

Providing accurate diagnosis as well as the appropriate therapy to ensure high quality patient care.

Using all the provided facilities to minimize patient waiting time, ensure quality imaging results and avoid patient, public and staff exposure to unnecessary ionizing radiation.

Becoming and remaining a reliable nuclear medicine centre by following a policy of continuous improvement in our methods through modernization of the equipments, quality assurance and continuing education programs for all categories of staff.



Services Provided and Equipment

The department will provide all the nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic services for cancer patients.
TAP will also employ a medical cyclotron for continuous production of F-18, C-11 & O-16 labeled compounds for our future center and other centers in Iran.


A: Diagnostic Services:

F-18 FDG PET/CT Scan for Tumor viability.
F-18 FDG PET/CT Scan for Myocardial viability.
Bone Scan.
Thyroid scan
Tumor Imaging (Tc-99m Sesta-mibi, Tl-201, Ga-67, In-111, I-131 MIBG)
Renal Scan.
Myocardial Perfusion study and GSPECT.
Brain Perfusion SPECT.
Lacrimal Scintigraphy.
Hepato-splenic colloid Scintigraphy.
Labelled RBC,s for haemangioma and GIT bleeding.
Oesophageal Transit and Gastric Emptying studies.
Meckle’s diverticulum study.


B: Therapeutic Procedures:
I-131 therapy for thyroid diseases.
I-131 MIBG therapy.
Radio-active treatment for Bony pain Palliation.