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Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Medical Imaging


We strive to become and remain a leading pediatric oncology diagnostic medical imaging department and recognized as such by our patients and other diagnostic centers both in the Middle East and internationally.



The mission of the medical imaging department is to provide the best quality imaging information that clinicians require to diagnose and treat the patient. We will achieve this by:

Ensuring the smooth running of the imaging services through appropriate communication with the hospital staff aiming at accurate diagnosis in timely fashion and transfer of information.

Using all facilities to their capacity to minimize patient waiting time, ensure quality diagnostic results and avoid patient, public and staff exposure to unnecessary ionizing radiation and other possible hazards.

Pursuing a policy of continuous improvement in our methods in line with the fast developing field of diagnosis through sustained modernization of the equipments, quality assurance and continuing education programs for all categories of staff.

Standardization of investigations and examination done in our department consistent with the international standards (examination techniques and protocols) and spread this knowledge in our country to other diagnostic centers.


Scope of Services

The fully digital 1200 sq. metre department will provide a complete range of imaging services because the diagnosis of tumours requires precise imagery. To assist the clinician in accurate diagnostic information regarding the location, size, and areas of spread; all diagnostic imaging modalities will be available, including:

Conventional radiography

Interventional radiology

Excretory urography



Computed tomography

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)





Siemens MRI Magnetom espree 1.5 Tesla, it’s the shortest gantry in the market all over the word, wide bore and one of the fastest machines, all facilities are included, a non ferromagnetic anesthesia machine as well as the contrast injector. A group of latest software packages such as Functional MRI “ Spectroscopy, Diffusion, Perfusion and Bold Technique” as well as TIM technology.

Siemens Somatom Sensation 64, ultislice machine, with all facilities and soft ware packages as “lung care, oncology package, cardiac package, 3D, virtual brochoscopy” and others are included, a dedicated anesthesia machine as well as the contrast injector. A unique option “CT fluoroscopy” in the country.

Siemens fully DICOM ultrasound machines 2 high end “Siemens G60, Siemens Accuson Sequoia” & Two Siemens fully DICOM ultrasound machines G20 FOR mammography and mobile unit.

GE; Mobile ultrasound Logic book, Mobile X-ray, whole body bone densitometry from Hologic.


As a digital department in a modern hospital we will be running a full RIS and PACS (Radiology information system and Picture archiving and communication system), all the hospital will benefit from live availability of studies (images) the moment patient leaves the machine and reports a soon as they are reported.In addition, a full scope of interventional procedures will be offered.