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Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Anesthesia, sedation and Pain Management

The anaesthesia department will provide safe and skilled anesthesia/deep sedation for pediatric cancer patients undergoing all varieties of surgery, diagnostic, interventions and/or therapeutic procedures.

The TAP Anaesthesia staff will utilize high quality standards, target patient safety and prevention of complications with maximal patient and family satisfaction. The department will coordinate an anesthesia assessment clinic for perioperative care and a pain clinic in order to provide a pain free hospital.



Striving to ensure the provision of high quality patient care by sustained, quality assurance and continuing education programs for all categories of staff.



The Department of Anaesthesia will have the responsibility of providing leadership in the discipline of pediatric anesthesia. This will be achieved through the conduct of fundamental and applied research. Integral to these goals is the organization and provision of safe and effective services in anesthesia by competent and caring physicians through:

Meeting the patients needs through delivering the care services to all with skill, compassion and respect for the patient’s dignity and privacy.

Provision of the highest quality of care through the recruitment of outstanding qualified physicians with great concern on the appropriate training and continuous medical education for all the staff members.

Continuous quality improvement through quality assurance programs to evaluate clinical care to ensure consistency with the highest professional standards.

Striving to fulfill the tri-partite responsibilities of patient care, education and research.



Services Provided

The TAP Anaesthesia Department will provide complete anaesthesia services including:

Deep sedation for:

Intrathecal Chemotherapy

Radiology Imaging

CSF sampling

Radiotherapy sessions

Anaesthesia for minor Procedures:

 Image Guided Biopsies

Open Biopsies

 BMAs &BM Biopsies

Central Line Insertion

General & Regional Anaesthesia for Major Surgeries:

Surgical oncology

Thoracic surgery

Orthopedic surgery



We will provide acute pain service including PCA pumps and continuous epidural analgesia for postoperative cases with close monitoring.