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The Avicenna Project is a non-for-profit venture spearheaded and founded by a group of recent univeristy graduates dedicated to a great cause.


The project focuses on providing first class medical care in remote areas and in developing regions through innovative methods. The Avicenna Project brings creative minds and well respected organistaions together in order to find solutions to provide healthcare access to all.


Our events play host to high profile speakers who will deliver exciting and inspirational talks on medical care and research, healthcare design, innovation and investment.


Currently, one of the objectives of the Avicenna Project is to develop a world class paediatric cancer hospital and research healthcare centre in the Middle East. Our aim is to provide the most efficient solution that once implemented will lead to the development of a centre that will provide cost-effective healthcare to all children. Our hope is that this solution can then help reduce the number of victims dealing with this disease and spare their families from emotional and economic consequences.


The Founder and Committee Members of the Avicenna Project invite you to join us in the endeavour to proactively improve and facilitate the healthcare needs of all the people in developing and remote areas.






Project Description


Case Studies


“There are no incurable diseases, only a lack of will”. Avicenna (980-­‐1037)


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Project Objectives

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